I'm a participant in Season 3 of this collaborative drawing project! To be released Fall 2023.
24 Artists + 6 Beasts = Exquisite Combos
 Beasts are conceived in quarters, with six artists taking on each section: legs & feet, lower torso, upper torso, or head & neck. The resulting six full-bodied beasts can puzzle together in many wild, pleasing & unsettling ways.

Behind the scene sneak peek!

I was invited to participate in one of my absolute favourite community art projects - @thebeasting!

“The Beasting is an exquisite corpse-making challenge featuring blind collaborations by a wide variety of artists. Contributions happen one-by-one at 44 Gaukel Creative Workspace, with each artist making one of four beast body parts in a few hours using limited materials”


I didn’t know which body section I’d be assigned so I decided to create a story, character and concept I could apply to all four sections. I started with a memory from when my kids where 3 and 5 and were really into Miyazaki’s Totoro. I’d hide some pom pom soot sprites around the house randomly and they were convinced they were real. Eventually we set them free by leaving them on our porch, where they flew up and “disappeared into the starry night”.

This memory inspired me to create a story about “stars” that crash on earth after getting hit by people space garbage, satellites and rocket ships. They get stuck on earth and are mistaken for earth garbage. They are shy and hide from the people and mostly live in the sewers and other shadowy places. 


I was assigned the Head section for my drawing session!

The stars mostly look like blobs now as they’ve lost most of their celestial powers.

When they do go out, they group together and wear discarded human clothes to “blend in”. 

The ladder is how they get into the sewers / they are fascinated with toy eyeballs which they use to decorate their sewer homes / the rocket ship is why they are here in the first place. 

Most people things scare them but they are big fans of music, in particular @jesusandmarychain and @thecure

An exhilarating experience! Thank you to @thebeastingmasterminds - @ericowenrumble and @theartofmypetskeleton for your dark sparks which brought this project life.

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