The project challenges a group “to examine the role of the notebook as a thinking tool”. 

I’ve settled on a process that involves deconstructing and reconstructing the book - 

1. Take all of the pages out of my book ✅
2. Tape all of them together ✅
3. Create one large drawing 
4. Take the drawing apart and put it back together in the book
Working on the final stages of my @100notebookproject x @phidonpens x @chci_art. I’ve removed and assembled all of the pages from my @leuchtturm1917 book to create one large 55 x 80 inch page. Building it up in graphite, ink and charcoal. Will be done very soon and I’ll share the final image and rationale 😀
My @100notebookproject x @chci_art project is done! For the project, I deconstructed my book by removing all of the pages and taping them together (not in numerical order) to make one large 85x50 inch page/drawing to maintain the same aspect ratio of an individual 8.5x5 inch page.

I used ink and charcoal to render a self-portrait depicting me wearing a @htc vr set. With the drawing complete I took the drawing apart and put the pages back in the book. The pages were placed back in the book in no particular order to emphasize that the creative process isn’t a linear process. 

The title of the piece - Forest for the Trees speaks to the idea that as you look through the pages, you can only see parts of the drawing but not the whole picture. On a personal level, I’ve been immersed in so much digital art making practices of late, that I really wanted to reconnect with some traditional mediums. For fun I’ve also included references to cover layouts from my collection of @marvel X-Men and Conan comic books from the 70s. 

Some of my favourite aspects of the project, was the process itself and the random mark making / compositions that emerged on individual pages. 
Now I say goodbye to the book as it’s collected and archived for the project!

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