On display at 44 Gaukel Creative Workspace for the month of November 2022 in the ArtsPay Window Gallery.  Generously supported by the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.  

To All the Cameras We’ve Loved

Is an exploration of the fascination we have for cameras and the deep emotional connection and love we have for the images we capture.  These cameras may be the first we received or one we came across later in life. Photography is all at once a universal experience but deeply personal.  The work asks the question - what this love looks through the eyes of different photographers and the common threads that unites them.  The work showcases portraits of photographers, illustrations of their cameras and tell the story of their camera and the images they loved to capture.  
I am incredibly grateful to have been awarded a micro grant from the amazing Pat the Dog Theatre Creation  that supported exploration for the work on this series. 

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