My mural “Moon Landing” is featured in the 2024 DTK Art Walk.
Presented by Downtown Kitchener BIA
Curated by The Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery
Installed by Westmount Signs
Walking tours by Stroll Walking Tours

The DTK Art walk launches May 25th with lots of great art, tours, music and food! I’ll have my art set up at Odd Duck, Wine and Provisions, where Cook Jon Rennie and team will be offering a series of menu items based on my art. 
The main subject in my mural “Moon Landing” is local musician @artistbasm. They’re a former student from my art program at Cameron Heights . Recently they stopped by the school and we chatted about the mural. 

I knew from the beginning my mural was going to be installed at One Young, Kitchener - and the history of the location's original Mayfair hotel loomed large in my mind. Being a public art piece I wanted it to be bright, eye-catching and have a narrative quality but still leaves some questions. Are we meant to feel like we are having our photo taken / is the figure in the mural taking a selfie with the moon looming large behind them / is it a collage of anachronistic experiences and moments? 

The cell phone composition is a direct pop culture reference and helps set up a juxtaposition of old and new. In thinking about self portraits - I thought about the work of street photographer Vivian Maier and Rembrandt's work, again reflecting on the role traditional and contemporary influences impact my work. 

The moon is a motif that often appears in my work and the timing with this mural was perfect - the first time I saw it was the afternoon of the 2024 solar eclipse. The vibrant rendering of the moon in red, purple and yellows in part alludes to the “negative zone” from Marvel's Fantastic Four issue 51. A concept created and depicted by the incomparable artist Jack Kirby. 

1. Moon Landing. 
2. Install view 
3. Initial sketch created in Procreate
4. Moon sketch created in Procreate and Clip Studio Pro
5. Mayfair Hotel. C.1940
6. Vivian Maier Self-Portrait 1954
7. Rembrandt Self-Portrait c.1630
8. “Negative Zone” from Fantastic Four Penguin Classics, reprints FF51, 1961. 
9. “Negative Zone” detail
10. Install Concept

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