I am very proud to share the artwork I created for the Green Light Arts production of Late Company. 
Written by:Jordan Tannahill
 Directed by: Kwaku Okyere

From the Greenlight Arts website:

“Debora and Michael, grappling with the loss of their son, Joel, make an unconventional decision in an attempt to find closure. Their path towards healing involves a tense dinner gathering with surprising guests. As the evening unfolds, questions of forgiveness and revenge come to the forefront, blurring the lines between acceptance, accountability, and retaliation.
Written with sensitivity and humour by the Award-winning author and playwright, Jordan Tannahill, Late Company, explores the complexities of human relationships and the challenges of finding peace balanced with the need for retribution.”

When Matt White and Carin Lowerison asked me if I wanted to take photos for their upcoming production of Late Company like I had for previous production - I of course said yes. When they asked if I wanted to create illustrations for the poster as well, I screamed a little :) 

The show runs May 15 to 26th at the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts in downtown Kitchener.

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